History of the Giddings Stone Mansion


Giddings Stone Mansion pic
Giddings Stone Mansion
Image: giddingsstonemansion.com

Earning a doctoral degree in education from Mississippi State University, Harold Nolte is a veteran college administrator. Most of his experience was acquired in Texas, but he now serves as president of Kansas’ Dodge City Community College. While living in Brenham, Texas, Dr. Harold Nolte supported the Brenham Heritage Society.

Located in Washington County, the Heritage Society is home to the Giddings Wilkin House Museum, the Ross Carol Bennett House, and the Giddings Stone Mansion. In 1844, J.D. Giddings married Ann Tarver and moved into what is now known as the Giddings Wilkin House Museum. After becoming a lawyer, serving on the board of trustees for one of the first colleges in Texas, and starting a railroad company with his brother, Giddings soon became one of the wealthiest men in Washington County.

To escape the yellow fever epidemic in 1868, J.D. Giddings built a mansion on the tallest hill in Washington County that was completed in 1870. His original home was later sold to the Wilkin family. Now known as the Giddings Stone Mansion, the hilltop house remained in the family for several generations and was sold in the 1970s.


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