Continuing and Workforce Education Courses Offered at Navarro College

Navarro College pic
Navarro College

As president and provost of the Ellis County campuses of Navarro College from 2001 to 2011, Harold Nolte was responsible for the direction and management of campus operations. During his time with Navarro College, Harold Nolte coordinated the continuing education programs.

Navarro College offers several continuing and workforce education programs. Here are some of the available options.

1. Police Academy
Navarro College offers basic certification and training for licensed law enforcement officers. Areas of training include current penal and traffic law, defensive tactics, first aid, cultural diversity, and more.

2. Computer Application Courses
Students can gain computer skills ranging from beginning keyboarding to various Microsoft applications. These courses include introduction to computers, Excel I, PowerPoint, Word I, and Quickbooks.

3. Leisure Learning
Students interested in personal development courses can choose between Financial Health, Job Search and Resume Writing Skills, or a course entitled Break it Down & Build it Up: Ignite Your Inner Fire. This course assists students in discovering passions, setting goals, and taking action.

4. Technical Courses
Several technical course options are offered in various topics such as welding, environmental compliance, firefighting, programmable controllers, and computer-aided drafting.


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