The United Way and Born Learning

United Way of West Ellis County pic
United Way of West Ellis County

Dr. Harold Nolte is the recently appointed president of Dodge City Community College in Kansas. An avid supporter of charitable organizations, Harold Nolte was chair of the United Way of West Ellis County for five years while residing in Texas.

The United Way is a non-profit organization that offers support to communities in need around the world, with the help of nearly three million volunteers. The education initiative Born Learning is one of the United Way’s national campaigns.

Born Learning was launched in 2005, and places its focus on the encouragement of early learning. The program provides caregivers of young children with the steps and information they need to ensure their charges are ready for education when they reach school age. The initiative also supplies proven educational tools to communities.

The United Way also organized the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) in 2002. A network of women throughout six different countries, the WLC undertakes action in various ways, including working to decrease teen pregnancies, encouraging young women to finish high school, and improving early-learning opportunities.


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