Dr. Harold Nolte and Blinn College

Dr. Harold Nolte and Blinn College pic
Dr. Harold Nolte and Blinn College
Image: kwihi.com

For four years between 2011 and 2015, Dr. Harold Nolte served as District President for Blinn College in Brenham, Texas. Blinn is a public two-year institution that has a main campus in Brenham and a secondary campus Bryan, Texas. In his capacity as the executive administrator of the school’s board of trustees, Harold Nolte worked with Baylor University to create a system of guaranteed admission and transfer scholarships for Blinn students transferring to Baylor. This program is similar to one that the school has standing with Texas A&M University, although the arrangement with Texas A&M allows for co-enrollment. This guarantees credit transfers and participation in Texas A&M’s many successful athletics programs.

Given the nature of two-year institutions, these transfer agreements are important for motivating those who choose to go on to complete undergraduate degrees and beyond. Blinn’s 49.7% transfer rate is so significant that it has been nationally recognized, and Blinn’s enrollment is now higher than ever.


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