Dr. Harold Nolte and the Brazos Valley Workforce Board’s contributions

Brazos Valley Workforce pic
Brazos Valley Workforce
Image: bvjobs.org

The Brazos Valley Workforce Board oversees Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley, an employment assistance program in central Texas. During his tenure as District President of Blinn College, Dr. Harold Nolte served on the board along with 24 other representatives from various Brazos Valley employers and educational institutions. Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley maintains the region’s equal opportunity employment regulations, unemployment insurance, ex-offender job services, child care services for workers, and much more.

Workforce Solutions arranges training for employers and employees. It also offer job search assistance in the form of resource centers, apprenticeship training, labor market information, and job search guides. Dr. Nolte and the rest of the board also maintained a program called HYPE (Helping Youth Prepare for Employment) that arranges visits, skills training, and career information for students who have yet to enter the workforce. By making the next generation of the labor force better prepared for employment, Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley aims to encourage students to find the right career for them and enter it with the adequate preparation needed to be strong, effective, and successful employees.


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